V2 Cigs Review

V2 Cigs Review



V2 Cigs was founded by three individuals who were fed up with smokers “being treated by lepers,” and were looking for a healthier alternative. They soon discovered the many benefits of electronic cigarettes, and their impressive ability to not only reduce the amount of chemicals consumed while smoking, but also gradually step users down in their dependence on nicotine.

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V2 Cigs versus Traditional Cigarettes

There are a surprising number of benefits of V2 Cigs in comparison to traditional tobacco cigarettes, including:V2 Cigs

  • Free of tar
  • No second-hand smoke
  • No carbon monoxide
  • Does not result in “smoker’s breath”
  • No ash
  • Free of odor

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Warranty is offered to give consumers peace of mind in knowing that they bough a quality product. If one of the products purchased from V2 Cigs proves to be defective, it may be easily returned and replaced with another, comparable item.

V2 Cigs Warranty Policy-

  • 5 Replacements per purchase
  • Purchase on record required every 3 months/90 days to issue replacement

30- Day Money- Back Guarantee

This company provides consumers with a 30-day money-back guarantee on all starter kits. Especially important for anyone looking to try e-cigs for the first time, if for any reason the product is not found to be enjoyable, it may be returned in the original packaging.


Flavors of refill cartridges offered by V2 Cigs include coffee, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, and peppermint. Fans of more traditional smoking flavors will appreciate the availability of menthol, Sahara, Congress, and V2 Red refill cartridges. In the interest of full disclosure, the ingredient list for all flavors is available from the company’s web page, allowing consumers to know exactly what they are inhaling.

The owners of V2 Cigs obviously take pride in what they do, offering users complete transparency in the ingredients in their products and plenty of information about electronic cigarettes from their website. With a money-back guarantee and warranty, what have you got to lose from at least trying their e-cigs?

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