Smoketip Electronic Cigarettes

Smoketip Electronic Cigarettes



SmokeTip, claiming to offer the most advanced electronic cigarette available on the market today, focuses their efforts on one single model of e-cig. With a no-frills approach to electric cigarettes, this company offers all the “bells and whistles” of this innovative product without the cost of unnecessary expensive designer gadgets.

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Starter Kit

SmokeTip doesn’t offer variety in regular e cigarette starter kits. there is just one standard kit which contains 6 refill cartridges, One USB charger, one Wall adapter along with two batteries. you will have a spare battery to use which is a definite plus but that still doesn’t validate the $59 tag, which in my opinion is higher than the average price of starter kits with similar contents.


The smoke tip tank kit is the most recent addition to the smoke tip product list. you can buy the smoketank kit for a price of $79. the package contains one USB charger along with a Wall adapter. also, there is an additional battery along with an extra atomizer. you will receive 12 ml of e liquid with the kit and a pack of 9 cartridges. The SmokeTip tank is a high performance, well designed tank which will give you high vapor density and flavor.

Refill Cartridges

In opposition to the competition, SmokeTip refill cartridges are roughly equal to a full 25 cigarettes, resulting in even more savings. With one of the cheapest “costs per cigarettes” on the market today, this is the solution for anyone needing to cut back on expenses in this cutthroat economy.


Shipping from this company is completely free of charge, and a full lifetime warranty ensures consumers that they are indeed purchasing a quality item.

SmokeTip offers users nine different refill cartridge flavors and colors to choose from, providing just the right amount of variety for any smoker. With a 30-day money-back guarantee as well, what are you waiting for?

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