Premium Electronic Cigarettes

Premium Electronic Cigarettes



Premium Electronic Cigarette is based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is one e cigarette company that lives up to its name. Offering only the best (or premium) products for e-smokers, this is one brand that is ideal for someone that only wants the best in life.

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Available Batteries

  • Marble Color: Green and brown
  • Burgundy, green, purple, pink, blue, black, white, and orange
  • White battery with manual switch
  • Gold and platinum
  • Valentine‚Äôs Day designs
  • Disco pattern
  • Maze pattern
  • Swirl pattern
  • Puzzle pattern
  • Cubes pattern
  • And plenty more choices!

Electronic Pipes

As if their electronic cigarettes were not impressive enough, Premium Electronic Cigarette also now offers electronic pipes. Unbelievably rare, these devices look just like a real pipe, but function with the safer eLiquid refill cartridges. Ideal for the distinguished gentleman, electronic pipes offer that touch of class offered by the real thing.


There are always situations in which a regular e-smoker would prefer to have a disposable electronic cigarette, and this company has recognized and addressed this need. Offering disposable e-cigs that are equal to about 35-40 regular cigarettes, these can be simply tossed in the closed trash can when spent. Also available is the mini disposable e-cigar, offering about 600 fulfilling puffs.

Starter Kits

As with all of their products, Premium Electronic Cigarette offers a variety of different starter kits, including:

  • Plug in USB electronic cigarette
  • Electronic cigarette pocket kit
  • On the go e cigarette kit
  • Custom battery designed kit
  • Electronic cigarette kit- with one battery
  • Ecigarette starter kit- for regular smokers

Whether you are looking for an electronic cigarette to match your favorite color or a more sophisticated look, this company has what you are looking for. Offering flavors and nicotine concentrations to satisfy every craving, check this company out today!

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