Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette



Since 2008, Green Smoke has been offering quality electronic cigarettes to consumers around the world. One of the reasons ex-smokers love these products is due to their incredibly realistic appearance and feel- even to the extent of fooling fellow smokers! Due to these unique characteristics, Green Smoke is one of the best e cigs for anyone looking to try this type of product for the first time. There are also a number of other reasons to switch to Green Smoke.

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Customer Service

Fans of Green Smoke rave about their excellent customer service. Since some other electric cigarette companies are based in foreign countries and staffed by individuals that speak limited English, this places them heads and tails above some of the competition.


In addition, few companies have certification, let alone post certificates of this on their web page. Current certifications include:

  • FCC Battery Certification
  • FCC Cartridge Certification
  • FCC/VOC Cartridge
  • CE Battery Certification
  • CE Cartridge Certification
  • RoHS Battery Certification

Research Results

Green Smoke also provides users with access to results of research conducted upon their products, another rare and impressive offering. These include research results that may be directly accessed from their website including:

  • RoHS Report
  • EMC Report
  • FCC/VOC Cartridge Report

As may be seen, Green Smoke is one company that prides itself on backing their products with research. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, why not see for yourself if all of these certifications and research results are what they’re cracked up to be?

Click here to visit official website of Green Smoke. (Get 10% Discount when you buy through our links)

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