Electronic Cigarettes Inc.

Electronic Cigarettes Inc.



Electronic Cigarette Inc likely offers more choices when it comes to e cigarettes than another company. With three different models that are continuously sold, it can however be difficult to decide which one is the right product for your needs.



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Comparison Table Of The Three Models Amerismoke, Vapor King and Duo Pro

AmeriSmoke Vapor King Duo Pro
2-piece unit Yes No Yes
Manual Battery Button No Yes No
Consistent Vapor Production Yes Yes Yes
Looks like a real cigarette Yes No Yes
Available in more than one color No Yes No
Made in the USA Yes Optional No
Refillable cartridges Yes Yes No

 Research is currently underway to develop a new type of cartomizer cartridge that maintains the same effectiveness along with the ability to view the contents inside. Referring to this as a clearomizer, Electronic Cigarette Inc reports that this device will allow for users to know exactly how much eLiquid remains. These will be refillable and reusable, and are expected to be released to the general public shortly.

Anyone looking to make the most of the best aspects of AmeriSmoke and Vapor King will be pleased to learn that once a Vapor King Starter kit has been purchased, an adapter is available to allow Vapor King devices to utilize AmeriSmoke refill cartridges and eLiquid. This is an especially good compromise for someone that likes the different colors of the Vapor King products but prefers the AmeriSmoke eLiquid.

With all of the different options available from this company, common sense dictates that individuals looking for electronic cigarettes should at least explore their website. With clear information and up-front pricing, this is one company that cannot be ignored.

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