Electronic Cigarettes: Free yourself from inhaling Toxic Chemicals In Traditional Cigarettes

One of the reasons so many people are using electronic cigarettes these days is because unlike traditional tobacco products electronic cigarettes do not give any harmful tar. Electronic cigarettes also do not contain any other dangerous chemicals found in regular cigarettes, which of course makes them a much healthier alternative.

E cigarette Vs. Regular Cigarette

E cigarette Vs. Regular Cigarette

Wide range of harmful chemicals in traditional cigarettes

Many people are not aware of the vast number of harmful chemicals found in regular cigarettes. If people did they would never dare smoke then. Studies have been done which show that there are more than 4000 different harmful chemicals in regular cigarettes including, formaldehyde, ammonia, arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, mercury, and lead.

Wide range of different poisons found in traditional cigarettes

Using an electronic cigarette will alleviate people from consistent exposure to different poisons found in regular tobacco products. There are more than 44 different poisons in regular cigarettes, and 43 of these 44 are known to be cancer causing substances. Electronic cigarettes completely alleviate this as you are only inhaling nicotine vapor.

Electronic cigarettes allow you to stop being a danger to bystanders

The 4000 different harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, along with the 43 different cancer-causing substances are a danger to anyone exposed to them. This exposure comes through secondhand smoke. Electronic cigarettes eliminate secondhand smoke, which means you no longer have to worry about putting those around you at risk.

People have known for a long time that smoking traditional tobacco products is extremely harmful to their health. Those who just cannot give up the habit now have a healthy alternative.

Electronic cigarettes eliminate many of the dangers people consistently expose themselves to with regular cigarettes. And what is better is no one around you needs to suffer anymore because of dangerous secondhand smoke.

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