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E Cigarette Liquid

E Cigarette Liquid

With e-cigs as a relative newcomer to the overall tobacco scene as it is, e cigarette liquid is just now becoming known as an option for e cigarette users who are looking to save some money. However, with any new product come a number of new questions. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions when it comes to this money-saving liquid.

Will It Work with Any Electronic Cigarette?

Theoretically e cigarette liquid (eLiquid) can work with any electronic cigarette regardless of brand. However, some brands have made their refill cartridges nearly impossible to get open without causing such damage as to make the cartridge useless. Other companies offer cartridges designed to open easily to allow for simple refills.

Can I Store e Cigarette Liquid Anywhere?

Refills of eLiquid usually come packaged in a clear package bottle. Though it would certainly be easiest to just leave it in the original packaging, this is not in reality the best choice. Transfer the liquid into an amber glass bottle, secure closed, and store in the refrigerator. Failing to follow these directions can result in the liquid losing its taste, ending up with a weak-tasting, stale product.

How Do I Know when a Cartridge Needs Refilled?

When a cartridge needs to be replaced or refilled, the taste will not be as strong and the amount of vapor (or steam) will decrease dramatically. In addition, the “buzz” from the nicotine may be reduced, leaving you feeling unsatisfied. However, if these issues are occurring despite a relatively recent refill or cartridge replacement, it may instead be the battery that needs to be addressed with a quick charge.

Can I Really Save Money with e Cigarette Liquid?

With five refill cartridges costing a minimum of $10, savings quickly add up with eLiquid. One bottle of this fantastic product is estimated to refill cartridges 200 to 300 times, with prices around $19. With that said, for the price of 10 refill cartridges, you can refill your cartridges a minimum of 200 times. Since using e cigarettes is already a way to cut costs versus traditional cigarettes, the potential savings of using eLiquid is through the roof!

Will I Find a Flavor I Like?

There are just as many flavors of e cigarette liquid as there are of e-cig refill cartridges, if not more. A few companies will even design a special flavor on request (for a price of course). With tropical, traditional tobacco, java flavors, and more, there is literally a flavor to tantalize even the most challenging of taste buds.

What about Nicotine Strength?

Just as there are varying strengths of nicotine in different refill cartridges, so there are with eLiquids. Available in the same strengths as their refill alternatives, eLiquids also may be found that contain no nicotine for those that have weaned themselves off of it but still find the habit of smoking soothing.

E cigarette liquid is ideal for the person looking to save even more money on their “vaping.” Fortunately for those that don’t want the fuss of refilling cartridges, refill cartridges are and will likely always be available for purchase. Whichever method you prefer to keep up your electronic smoking, know that you are doing your part to cut back on bills and save some hard-earned cash.

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