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This is not for enquiries about your purchase with another brand; we don’t undertake any payment processing or accept purchase orders on our website. was created to help you decide if e-cigarettes are appropriate for you, to educate users on individual brands before they make a buy, and to afford our visitors a platform to share their impressions on the various trade names on the field.

Please run across our note below the form if you have queries about an absent order, invalidating an order, or requesting a repayment.


Attention E-Cigarette Clients: does not accept payment or billing info for e-cigarette purchases.  We don’t sell any merchandise on our website! We’ve been drawing numerous complaints regarding certain programs; however, these affairs are out of our restraint.  You must reach the customer service squad of the brand you’re bearing issues with for repayments, charges, return addresses etc.  In some events, we may be able to find out a trifle more than the common consumer as we have several contacts in the industry. If you would wish to us to try to hunt down some info on your purchase please make certain to include the following:

  • Trade name
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  • Purchase Date
  • Full Name
  • Billing Destination
  • Problem/Query/Issue

Please permit sufficient time for a response, alas this is not a necessity or priority for, it is a courtesy we do for our readers on a “if time permits” basis.

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