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Blu Cigs Reviews



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Blu Cigs sets itself apart from the electronic cigarette competition by the fact that it is the only e-cigarette that contains liquid manufactured exclusively in the United States. This simple patriotic choice has resulted in Blu Cigs becoming one of the most popular electric cigarettes.

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This company is constantly looking to improve their products and find new ways to be on the cutting edge of technology. Currently under development is a “smart pack” that has the ability to detect the presence of any electronic cigarette smokers that also have a smart pack that may be nearby. These utilize the capabilities of your cell phone to inform fellow users of your relationship status and current mood.

Here just a sampling of what this company offers users:

  • Choice of black or white batteries.
  • USB chargers.
  • The Blu Pack, which is both a carrying case and a portable charger.
  • Four different flavors to choose from.

For anyone concerned about the safety of products imported from third-world companies such as China, without any regulation as to what you are actually consuming, Blu Cigs offers you the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting exactly what you purchased. With starter kits starting at less than $70, why not check them out today?

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